Hollywood movies are undoubtedly the most watched and loved by millions of people in the world. You are fascinated by these great talents on how they perform. There is so much wonder in watching those talented individuals. Let us discover the top talent agencies that produce top talents in the Hollywood theatrical industry.

Here is the list:

  1. Creative Artists Agency (CAA)

Are you an actor seeking for the big break? This management agency has produced a roster of high profile actors. They have about 1500 top actors since their head start in the year 1975 and continuously making stars at present.

  1. William Morris Endeavor (WME)

This agency is one of the largest and longest running agency since the year 1898. The powerhouse talent agency is a partnership between two separate agencies, the William Morris Agency and The Endeavor Talent Agency. Currently, they represent talent in every arena: TV, movies, theatre, digital, and publishing.

  1. United Talent Agency (UTA)

Are you familiar on the Simpsons and the Wonder Years? This is part of the first successful packages that the agency had dealt with. They represent talents emerging in the area of media and entertainment such as motion pictures, music, books, theatre, and broadcast news.

  1. CK Talent Management (CK)

If you are a newbie actor in the industry, they can turn you into a professional one. They are known for helping young actors go further in the industry. They provide personalized service and representation. Their successful talents are celebrities to Network Executives and supermodels.

  1. International Creative Management (ICM)

Experienced with decades in the industry, this agency is known for the successful, talented stars and comedians of both TV and film. No doubt that they are part of the top agencies who compete for being the best among the rest.

Now, that you know this top agency, are you planning to be one of their most exceptional talents ever produced?